The Worlds Best Fluffy Pancakes (Paleo)

While I’m more of a savoury minded person myself, I do love the occasional fluffy pancakes! Not any fluffy pancakes though – ones that are good for you and that leaves you feel good after eating it. Imagine – a fluffy pancake without feeling heavy or a food coma afterwards! These fluffy pancakes are on […]

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liver pate

The Best Ever Liver Pâté (gluten and dairy free too!)

I’m not kidding. This is the best ever liver pate recipe and it’s both gluten and dairy free. I, like many of you, did not grow up eating offal – unlike my mothers generation. For them, liver was often a first food and morsels of offal were included in many meals prepared at home. For

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Cricket Protein Smoothies

Grubs up: Cricket Protein – the New Ancient Food

Have you ­­heard people chirping about the cricket protein in health and nutrition circles lately (like the pun?!)? Whether you’re screwing your face up or intrigued by the idea, you’ve likely got a lot of questions about this “new” food.  Questions like “is it good for me?”, and more to the point “why would anyone

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Grain Free Bread Rolls

Gone paleo and thought delicious bread was out of your realm forever more?  These grain free bread rolls will provide a tasty surprise!  Most grain free breads are heavy and dense as bricks, more suitable for use as weapons.  This recipe however, results in bread rolls that are soft and fluffy and not at all

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Beautiful Bone Broth

A beautiful bone broth is one of your kitchen essentials for both nutritional and taste purposes.  Bone broths provide an incredible source of nutrition. Exceptionally high in minerals and collagen, bone broth is a nourishing healing food for the gut lining, skin, joints and connective tissue in general.  It’s a great source of easily absorbable

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Golden Turmeric Bites

Golden nuggets of goodness – what’s not to love about Golden Turmeric Bites?  While it’s generally ideal not to snack between meals (so that you are essentially having a mini fast), sometimes a wee snack is called for.  This is a super simple snack full of healthy metabolism-boosting fatty acids (including lauric acid),  they’re grain

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Preserved Lemons – with Cinnamon and Bay Leaves

When beautiful Meyer lemons hit the market tables, it’s time to make preserved lemons!  Often used in Moroccan dishes, preserved lemons make for an excellent addition to so many dishes, from salads to roast vegetables, chicken or lamb and even soups.   Rather than the flesh, it’s actually the rind that you’ll be using once your

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