Anatomy of the gallbladder.

The Thyroid – Gallbladder Connection.

Did you know there is a strong thyroid – gallbladder connection? This is an example, once again, of how everything in the body is connected. Importantly, nothing operates in isolation. First, let’s take a quick look at hypothyroidism. After that, we’ll look at its link with gallbladder disease. What is Hypothyroidism? Hypothyroidism is the most […]

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What Even Is the Gallbladder? And What Is Bile?

  Your gallbladder (shown in green) is your storage vessel for bile – a fluid that is produced in the liver, and then shunted to the gallbladder for storage.  Bile is released from your gallbladder when you eat a meal with fat in it.  This greenish fluid is like detergent for your body.  Just like

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Green tahini

Green Tahini Dressing- simple and delicious.

Green Tahini is such a yummy and nutritionally powerful meal pimper! It’s great for pimping up a salad, a steak, a soup, a curry and so much more ….. so delicious! As a result I love to have a jar on hand in the fridge as it instantly up levels almost any meal I add

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Cricket Protein Smoothies

Grubs up: Cricket Protein – the New Ancient Food

Have you ­­heard people chirping about the cricket protein in health and nutrition circles lately (like the pun?!)? Whether you’re screwing your face up or intrigued by the idea, you’ve likely got a lot of questions about this “new” food.  Questions like “is it good for me?”, and more to the point “why would anyone

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Grain Free Bread Rolls

Gone paleo and thought delicious bread was out of your realm forever more?  These grain free bread rolls will provide a tasty surprise!  Most grain free breads are heavy and dense as bricks, more suitable for use as weapons.  This recipe however, results in bread rolls that are soft and fluffy and not at all

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Beautiful Bone Broth

A beautiful bone broth is one of your kitchen essentials for both nutritional and taste purposes.  Bone broths provide an incredible source of nutrition. Exceptionally high in minerals and collagen, bone broth is a nourishing healing food for the gut lining, skin, joints and connective tissue in general.  It’s a great source of easily absorbable

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Nutrition for Healthy Connective Tissue

Connective tissue is the stuff that supports, connects or separates tissues and organs of the body. It makes up your bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, fascia, keeps our skin looking supple and beautiful and so much more! Of course everyone benefits from eating to nourish connective tissue, however emphasis on eating for connective tissue integrity

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