Labour-Aide – An Electrolyte Drink for Birthing Women

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Labour-aide is a wonderful way to keep birth mummas hydrated during and immediately after birth.  I first made a batch years ago for a dear friend of mine (Blissful Mothers). I made it in preparation for the birth of her first child. It was such an honour to be part of the birth itself, and that of her second child. Both of them were beautiful home-birth experiences. With great awe I witnessed the power and innate wisdom of the feminine, the centred space holding of the masculine and the miracle of new life. They are experiences for which I will be forever grateful.

Why Labour-Aide?

This drink provides energy and electrolytes for effective hydration during labour.  In fact this would be useful for anyone in any state of prolonged labour – whether it be of the birthing or sporting variety.  Containing only real food ingredients, this recipe beats the socks off commercial electrolyte replacement drinks.  No colours, flavours, artificial sweeteners, processed salts or other nasties are involved.  And very importantly, it’s not a sugar bomb like most electrolyte replacement drinks are.

While you can plan all you like, bub will have their own unpredictable arrival time. Be prepared by making a batch of this and freezing it 2 weeks before bub’s expected arrival.  Freeze it in a variety of vessels so some can be consumed frozen and some can be sipped on. When frozen in jars it can be defrosted to sip as a drink, while in ice cube trays and ice block moulds they can be sucked on if ice is preferred (which is often be the case).  While ice blocks can be tricky if you’re birthing in a hospital, you could take a little esky / ice box with you to keep them frozen for a while.  The defrosted portions are of course easily transportable.

At the first sign of labour, take a jar or two out of the freezer and begin to defrost at room temperature or in a basin of warm (but not hot) water.  Hot water will likely cause the glass to crack because of the sudden temperature difference.

Sip or suck on as desired during labour and post-partum. Labour-aide will help resuscitate electrolyte levels for mum and in doing so prevent dehydration.

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Labour-Aide - An Electrolyte Drink for Birthing Women
Making Labour-aide
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Making Labour-aide
  1. Mix all ingredients together and stir until honey and salt is dissolved and magnesium is dispersed throughout.
  2. Pour into non-toxic ice cube trays / ice block moulds or glass jars for freezing.
  3. If freezing in glass jars be sure to leave a couple cm empty at the top of the jar to allow for the contents to expand on freezing. I also tend to leave the lid on loose until the contents is frozen, then cap tightly. That way you don't get any cracking of glass.
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