Self Love Podcast Episode 131: Open Hearted Connection with Helen Padarin

30 November 2021

A very openhearted and real conversation around the state of the world through the eyes of one of Australia’s most well-renowned natural health practitioners Helen Padarin who in this interview guides us with science and soul back into our hearts with love and care.

Knowing there is so much for our nervous systems to navigate right now it is clearly impacting our health with so many feeling the pressure. Helen believes the focus needs to come back to self-care and to truly nurture one self.

Her clinic has seen more restrictions and pressures and coercions the base line stuff we are all dealing with now has added pressure like isolation or lock down or fear… it is not just emotional and mental which is huge but also a link to the physical.

We talk soul, spirit and how to have an open heart.

Becoming Whole – The Art of Inner Transformation Episode 3

22 September 2021

Helen’s personal and professional journey has been intimately intertwined as much of her own personal journey has been what has guided her professional career, and likewise she learns so much from her patients and clients.

She is passionate about bringing awareness to the connection between physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.  Above all she values a sense of curiosity, compassion and adventure in her own personal journey as well as encouraging those values in others for their own journeys.  Much of Helen’s clinical practice centres around reconnection to self, each other and nature to achieve renewed states of wellbeing.

I have known Helen for about 18 years. From being a client in the early days, she has become a close and trusted friend.

We had a great conversation including the following topics:

  • healthy boundaries
  • transforming hatred into stillness
  • putting the mind into the passenger seat
  • the body and emotions are an antenna
  • repa(i)renting the inner child
  • her personal description of states of true nature
  • her tip for the listener: shaking to release tension

The SuperFeast Podcast Episode 125: Kids Immunity & Liver Flushing with Helen Padarin

6 July 2021

Today on the podcast Mason chats with naturopath, nutritionist, medical herbalist, and best-selling author Helen Padarin about kid’s immunity, nutrition, Liver and Gallbladder flushing, and the seriously empowering works she does with kids, families, and remote indigenous communities. A big running theme in all of Helen’s work as a practitioner is empowerment. Whether it be through supporting indigenous communities to continue their traditional ways of eating or her courses that focus on remedies, and hands-on tools to keep parents and children healthy; Helen is giving people the right building blocks and bridging the gap between disempowered and empowered health. Her passion is teaching people to come back to themselves, trust their intuition, and get back to centre so they can thrive in health. With 20 years’ experience as a practitioner, Helen brings so much wisdom and experience to this conversation. Helen and Mason hone in on kid’s immunity, nutrition, gut health, and why not suppressing fever in children is an empowering act that builds resilience and teaches us to trust our immune system. Helen takes us through the courses she runs and the full function/protocol of Liver and Gallbladder flushing; Why we do it, the basic preparation, and how it improves thyroid function. Tune in for health sovereignty and empowerment.

Advanced Clinical Naturopathic Medicine Chapter 18 – Autism Spectrum Disorder

28 September 2020

Helen Padarin has contributed chapter 18 – Autism Spectrum Disorder to Advanced Clinical Naturopathic Medicine and speaks on it here.

Those that specialise in the ASD and ADD/ADHD community know that Helen is an unrefuted expert. Her collaborative care in esteemed integrative health clinics, advocacy and advisory roles ensure that her contribution is relevant, up to date and effective. Best of all she has a heart of gold and this shines through as she truly wants people to live their best lives.

“What Makes You Tick” with Layne Beachley – Episode 3 Helen Padarin

28 August 2020

7x World Surfing Champion, Layne Beachley explores and discovers what really makes champions tick.⁠ Be inspired by Leading Professionals and enjoy a laugh, with raw and real conversations. This episode with Helen Padarin dives into chronic fatigue and so much more.

The Broccoli Roast with Kale Brock. “Helen Padarin + a Hot Steamy Sauna”

17 February 2020

In this episode naturopath & medical herbalist Helen Padarin and myself sit in a hot sweaty sauna to chat about such topics as managing stress, eating veggies, longevity and more. Many toxins were expunged during the recording of this podcast – I’m still sweating.

Inner Origin Ultimate Wellness Podcast

17 November 2019

Tune in as Helen explains the importance of Gut health and how the gut has such a huge affect on our entire body, including our immune system, joint health, OUR FEET and how we move.

This episode will leave you wanting to take your gut health a lot more seriously.

Evolve with Pete Evans Episode 54 with Helen Padarin

30 November 2018

Join me as we find out:

  • What is the function of the gut and how do we improve it?
  • How is the health of our younger generation, and why?
  • Does the Pill work in with the laws of nature?
  • How do you navigate people’s beliefs to provide guidance to them?

Also, Helen will share with us:

  • The interaction between the immune systems in the gut and the brain.
  • Her advice to people looking to start a healthy family.
  • Foods to avoid.
  • Her use of entheogens on her journey to know herself.

It was a joy to have Helen on the podcast, to hear her studies and her passion come to life:

What happens in the gut does not stay in the gut – the gut is not like Vegas!”

“We are outnumbered ten to one by microbes – I think we’re more kind of bug puppets in many ways.”

“Sugar kind of puts earmuffs on your taste buds.”

“Most people are disconnected from themselves and from what gives them joy.”

The Barefoot Movement Podcast
Episode 8: Gut Health From the Ground Up with Helen Padarin

7 November 2018

Tune in as Helen explains the importance of Gut health and how the gut has such a huge affect on our entire body, including our immune system, joint health, OUR FEET and how we move.

This episode will leave you wanting to take your gut health a lot more seriously.

Best Me Radio 18: Gut Health Supersode with Helen Padarin, Kale Brock and Dr Diego Bohorquez

3 September 2018

In this episode, we explore gut health from three completely different perspectives to provide an in-depth coverage of the subject. We cover many subjects from neuroscience, microbiome, leaky gut, nutrition, movement, interaction with animals and the environment all the way to stress and having good relationships! The three guests are:

  1. Carl talks with nutritionist/naturopath Helen Padarin about why you want to take gut health seriously, what are the common problems seen in clinic and also what we can do to maximize out gut health.
  2. Carl talks with journalist and documentarian Kale Brock about his best selling documentary ‘The Gut Movie’ and his journey to Africa in search for the perfect microbiome and what we can learn from some of the worlds healthiest people.
  3. Carl talks with gut-neuroscientist Dr Diego Bohorquez about gut neuroscience and the intelligence of the gut as well as where the science world is going in terms of gut-health research.
  4.  This really is a fun(ny), informative and practical interview that will leave you and your gut enlightened!

Up For A Chat Ep 241: The New Naturopathy with Helen Padarin

18 July 2017

Helen is a beautiful friend of the Up For A Chatters, she is visiting Kim for a couple of days and The Chatters decided to sit down and have a conversation about life, health, discrimination, bullying and what it takes to become well in this day and age.

There is no doubting Helen’s passion for healthy eating started young, as her request was to eat at a Korean restaurant on her third birthday so she could have kimchi!

Helen holds a bachelor degree in Health Sciences (Naturopathy), advanced diplomas in nutrition, herbal medicine and massage and has completed extensive post-graduate training in treatment for metabolic, neurologic, digestive and immune disorders.

Helen has co-authored the book ‘BubbaYumYum’ with Charlotte Carr and Pete Evans, co-authored ‘The Complete Gut Health Cookbook’ with Chef Pete Evans and has written several articles for leading health magazines.

 Since 2011 Helen has been a regular presenter and ambassador for the Mindd Foundation, and has presented for Health Masters Live and ACNEM, providing post-graduate education for GP’s, naturopaths, nutritionists and other health care professionals.

The Wellness Guys Ep290: Gut Health & Vegetables with Helen Padarin

30 January 2017

The Wellness Guys welcome back Helen Padarin to talk about gut health and the importance of getting enough vegetable sin your diet. Known for her work in the Paleo circles some people will be surprised to hear Helen’s passion for vegetables but not those who know her (and the Paleo movement) well.

Fx Medicine: Rebalancing the Autoimmune Thyroid with Helen Padarin

10 December 2016

Naturopath Helen Padarin has been helping patients with both diagnosed and undiagnosed thyroid disorders turn their health around. Today she shares her clinical pearls of wisdom on what to look out for in patients, what to test for and what treatment approaches to consider in rebalancing the autoimmune thyroid. 


[02:05] Welcoming back Helen Padarin
[03:49] Introducing today’s topic: Rebalancing the Autoimmune Thyroid
[05:12] Is it an immune issue, or is it the thyroid?
[07:18] Why are thyroid disorders such a major issue for today’s society?
[08:18] Classic pathognomonic signs?
[09:27] What assessments are important?
[16:36] Understanding links with Coeliac Disease.
[18:39] Is all thyroid disease of an autoimmune nature?
[19:09] What treatments have you found to be most effective?
[21:48] Detoxing home & lifestyle
[22:53] Optimising key nutrients & gut function
[24:16] Sleep: it’s so important..
[28:13] Supportive therapy for detoxification pathways
[28:46] Organic Acids Testing
[30:24] The importance of collaborative healthcare: working together for patient wellbeing
[33:52] Lessons from the learning curve of practice
[38:21] The Naturopathic Model: supporting the patient, not treating a disease

Fx Medicine Biofilms & Chronic Infections with Helen Padarin

14 September 2016

Biofilms are a strategic and evolutionary mechanism that bacteria have adapted as a means to resist host immune defences. In integrative medicine, this emerging area has become a new dimension in the treatment of resistant gut infections. Today we’re joined by Helen Padarin, who shares her valuable clinical expertise treating infections, biofilms and gut imbalances. Helen’s approach is not to attack “bad” organisms directly, rather, to undo the ways pathogens evade the immune system, support host immune defences and restore tissue heath to help bring balance to the gut ecosystem.


[02:05] Introducing Helen Padarin
[03:40] Helen’s lecturing background in New Zealand.
[04:14] The Bubba-Yum-Yum Book.
[05:12] What led to the specialty in children’s health and behaviour/learning disorders?
[07:21] The evolution of biofilm understanding.
[09:57] “Quorum Sensing”.
[11:00] How do we differentiate biofilms from the normal mucus produced within the gut?
[12:15] Examples of biofilms in the human body.
[14:30] Biofilms and antibiotic resistance.
[17:02] What interventions can be used to balance biofilm issues.
[12:22] Helen’s Protocol: Step 1: Weaken the biofilm
[25:08] Step 2: Antimicrobials
[26:30] Step 3: The all-important “mop-up” phase
[28:06] What types of patient groups tend to have biofilms?
[30:13] Foods beneficial for the microbes.
[31:44] The idiosyncrasies of appropriate probiotic selections
[35:59] Caveats and warnings to be aware of.
[38:53] What about: Caprylic Acid, NAC & Mastic Gum?
[41:33] Where can practitioners learn more?

Low Tox Life, Show #1: The Poop-cast – An Hour Talking Poop with Helen Padarin

11 July 2016

In this inaugural show, Alexx has invited naturopath and clinical nutritionist Helen Padarin, from Nourish-Ed, to talk all things poop. Why? Well, there is a lot that our poop says about us and it’s one of the greatest windows into the state of our health. It’s fascinating what they cover in this conversation, from the good, the bad, the ugly, the squatty potties, the how to poop right, the when to get things checked out, the microbiome and your poop, the 18 inch long s bend pooptopia… Yes. You heard that right! Join in and let’s break the tapoo on poop by going deep into the bowels of this subject – Ha! (Couldn’t help myself.) In this episode I asked Helen

  • About what makes for a good poop
  • What are the different types of poops that tell us things are great, not so great, worth getting checked out
  • What do the different types of poop tell us about our overall health picture? Floaties, squishies, rabbit poop pellets – we go over them ALL!
  • Do we really need potty contractions to squat on for better poops?
  • How do we eat for great poop?
  • What can we do to have a healthy gut and subsequent elimination?

As well as a few poop tangents that stemmed from those questions…

MINDD TALKS: Eating Away at Inflammation

9 November 2020

Helen Padarin presents her session about systemic inflammation. She outlines the link between the brain, gut and the rest of the body, and how this ties in to various chronic inflammatory disorders. She focuses on specific key foods which have advantageous anti-inflammatory benefits.

Presentation Highlights

00:30 – What is inflammation?
02:30 – Causes of chronic inflammation: Leaky gut
04:48 – Leaky gut = leaky brain
07:11 – Visceral Inflammation
08:29 – Causes of chronic inflammation: Gluten
10:15:– Inflammatory foods
14:03 – Gluten, Glutamate and GABA
16:36 – Anti-inflammatory foods
28:39 – Sleep

MINDD TALKS: Foods That Reduce Inflammation

14-15 June 2014

MINDD RECIPE: Coconut Kefir and Coconut Yoghurt

MINDD RECIPE: Fermented Vegetables



MINDD RECIPE: Healthy Lunch Boxes



MINDD RECIPE: Sprouts and Sprouting