Christmas List Top Picks – HP’s Recommendations

It’s Christmas list time! If you’re like me, you want your gift giving to be thoroughly enjoyed and ideally an enriching experience. In these days of heavy consumerism, I personally get pretty disheartened seeing all the “stuff” that gets made, bought and given that will no doubt before long, just end up in landfill.

So I’ve put together a list and I’ve checked it twice. These are all products and brands that I use, love and highly value myself – I will never recommend anything less than the best! They’ll bring joy AND value to those who receive!

Life Cykel Coffee Mushroom Box

These kits are so cool. Grow your own oyster mushrooms (yum!) from a box of coffee grounds and watch gourmet oyster mushrooms sprout before your eyes! Regain that home grown feeling that has fed our vitality for centuries. Food doesn’t get any fresher than this! Each box grows 3 harvests and it’s perfect for kids and adults.

Hemp Kombucha Starter Kit

You’ll be making your own probiotic and enzyme rich kombucha with this home brew kombucha kit. The real unpasteurised, raw stuff (almost all commercial brands are pasteurised to prevent the bottle from exploding, or carbonated – this results in an inferior product, killing off bacteria and enzymes). Great for kids and adults alike and it tastes delicious!

Liver and Gallbladder Tea

A delicious way to detox your way through and out of Christmas and into the New Year! Liver and Gallbladder tea is my own formulation, originally created for the Gall Bladder Flush program. It’s been so popular it’s now available year round. A beautiful refreshing, grounding, sweet and minty flavour it does wonders for supporting liver function and soothing digestion. A wonderful caffeine free tea for any time of the day.

The Complete Gut Health Cookbook

Chef Pete Evans and I wrote this fantastic (if I do say so myself) Gut Health Cookbook . It is packed full of info on the importance of gut health and how it relates to many chronic health conditions. From depression and anxiety, to digestive and bowel issues, to autoimmune diseases, asthma and eczema – so much starts in the gut! You’ll be well nourished with more than 100 recipes and a 4 week Gut Healing Meal Plan.

The sToop Poop Stool

Knees up with the beautifully handcrafted sToop Poop Stool! Pooping in a squat position means you get a better evacuation when nature calls. The kind that makes you want to high five someone as you leave the bathroom. What better gift could there be?! Wrap it up with a print of the world’s best poop chart.

Waters Co Water Filters

I’ve been using these water filters for the last 12 years, and they just keep getting better. Not only to do they filter out all the nasties (heavy metals, bacteria, parasites and flouride to name but a few) but the VERY importantly REMINERALISE – which not enough filters do. The good stuff needs to get put back in so that your body can hydrate properly. Alklaine, filtered, remineralised. Filters for on the road, jugs, bench tops and whole house filters too.

Intrametica Collagen Ultimate Plus

The ultimate beauty blend. Clinical studies have shown that the bioactive marine-sourced collagen peptides and antioxidants used in Collagen Ultimate+ increase skin moisture and hydration, protects against harmful UV sun damage, improves collagen production, skin regeneration and renewal. A couple of the major ingredients, lycopene and astaxanthin, are also powerful natural antioxidants for skin rejuvenation and eye health. Tastes delicious.

Twenty8 Essential Oils & Skin Care

The cream of the crop when it comes to essential oils, Twenty8 was founded by Aromatherapist of 30 years, the beautiful Kim Morrison. These Grade 6 Organic oils (the highest grade possible) are my go to for incorporating the power of these plant extracts in my life. Use them for perfume, medicine and moods. Choose from single oils and divine blends (some of my favourites are Romance & Intimacy, Focus & Clarity and Energy & Vitality). I love her organic skin care range too (and her!). I could fill a whole Christmas list just with goodies from Twenty8.

SEED Daily Synbiotic

This company and their probiotics have blown me away. No wonder, considering the guy who actually defined the term probiotic with the World Health Organisation (WHO) is the leading scientific advisor of the SEED Synbiotic. A daily probiotic AND prebiotic, there are two formulae – one specifically for the female microbiome, and one for the male microbiome. There are about 20 specific researched strains of probiotics in these formulae (variety is a key marker of gut microbiome health). With a unique 2 capsule delivery system, the inner probiotic capsule is nestled inside the outer prebiotic capsule, ensuring the LIVE bacteria are delivered alive and well to where you want them – your large intestine. It’s pretty amazing stuff! Geek out with me at SEED! If you’re wanting an overall, general probiotic, I challenge you to find a better one than these! I take them myself.

With any luck these goodies will help solve any Christmas list conundrums you may have otherwise experienced! Most of all, I hope you all enjoy some beautiful, connected time with loved ones over the Christmas and holiday period, whether you celebrate Christmas or not.