Crossing Cultures and Healing, TOGETHER.

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together retreat

TOGETHER.  Not Just a Retreat.

TOGETHER Retreat is not just a retreat.  Not by a long shot.

TOGETHER Retreat is actually a two-and-a-half-month journey.  It starts with a 2-month online program that we go through TOGETHER, and culminates in a retreat intensive, where you get to EXPERIENCE and SHARE the learnings of health, culture and healing.  To really ground in your roots.  To connect with ancient wisdom.  To connect with this land we call Australia.  To connect with the people who have lived and worked in harmony with the land for the last 65,000 years (some researchers say it could actually be more than 100,000 years).  That’s a long history, rich in story, connection, and wisdom.  A richness that we in the dominant culture are not only craving.  We are needing it.

We often look at the challenges faced by aboriginal culture and aboriginal communities, thinking “they need our support!”.  And while that is true, we NEED theirs just as much.  We’re living in such abundant times and yet we are fatter, sicker, lonelier, more isolated and sadder than ever before.  The way we are seeing the world and living in the world is NOT working for us.  We need new eyes.  We need a new way of seeing and thinking and feeling in this world.  And it just so happens that this new way we need to learn is actually the oldest way on the planet.

together retreat


This program and retreat are not for everyone.  It’s a serious deep dive.  Serious, but with an abundance of joy and laughter of course!  This experience is for those of you who feel strongly called to create a huge shift in your life.  The beauty is, by creating this shift in your life, you will also be co-creating a life-saving shift in the life of a Yolngu community member.  Without your attendance, they would not be able to take part (your fee sponsors a Yolngu member to participate), and without them, you would not have the life-changing experience you’re set to have in this incredibly unique time and space.

Let’s come TOGETHER.  Let’s heal the divide – within ourselves and between each other.  This is literally a life-SAVING and Life CHANGING experience – for everyone involved.  You will emerge feeling upgrades in your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, and with a whole new perspective on life and the world, we live in.  Come have a taste of this exquisite experience and see how the rest of your life unfolds.


together retreat

For some more insights, have a listen to this very recent podcast interview that my co-founder Dr Kama Trudgen had with the beautiful ladies of Up For A Chat (Kim Morrison, Cyndi O’Meara and Carren Smith).

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