We all need a good flush

Got Stubborn Parasites or SIBO?

Have you got persistent parasite infections? Or SIBO that leaves you feeling bloated with a tender, swollen belly and lots of uncomfortable gas?

One of the MOST overlooked aspects of both preventing and treating parasites and SIBO is to optimise stomach acid and especially BILE ACID production in the liver and release from the gallbladder. These digestive acids are not just made to breakdown ur foods so w can extract the nutrients from them. They also function as potent antimicrobials.

Bile acid is key in keeping microbial counts in the small intestine LOW, as they should be. When bile acid is low, these microbial counts can rise, leaving you feeling bloated, inflamed, foggy headed, fatigued, headachey and more – these microbial overgrowths are linked to almost every chronic health condition!

On top of that, the gallbladder itself can be a site for parasite infestation. So if your parasite protocol is just addressing the parasites in your gut and not in your gallbladder, then they will keep reinfecting the gut unless you address liver and gallbladder health.

When I work with patients in clinic to help them resolve their SIBO and parasite infections, a gallbladder flush is part of the process.

So if parasite infections or SIBO are chronic or recurring problems for you, jump into our Gallbladder Flush program STARTING TOMORROW (Monday 21st) and learn how to end the vicious cycle of reinfection.