Reema Saab

Reema Saab is a Naturopath committed to patient centred individualised care utilising Natural Medicine. Currently studying her Masters of Naturopathy, Reema has 15 years of industry experience, and continues her mission to approach healthcare holistically & comprehensively. Reema's holistic approach includes understanding the interaction of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual elements that constitute personal health.

Modalities of practice: Nutritional, Herbal & Lifestyle medicine.

Reema's areas of interest include Chronic Fatigue, Mental health, Healthy Skin, Gut health, Hormones, Immune system & Vital Longevity.

Reema finds joy in the twinkle in my 9 year old nephews eyes when he senses his significance. Belly laughs with family & friends. Playing soccer in Nature and dancing - usually happens at the same time.

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